A Big Thank You to All Our Visitors

Posted on 26th June 2017. Categorised as News and Press Releases

Ovation High Fidelity made its first visit to the North West Audio Show held in Cranage Hall, Cheshire on June 24/25 2017.  We had around 400 audio fans visit us in Room 204 where all our current products were on demonstration. An Oppo CD player along with a Michel Gyrodec SE provided the sources to the Model 1501 line preamplifier, which then fed a Model 1701 Power Amplifier and our just released Model 1721 Power Amplifier.  Listeners were able to hear our system components through either a wonderful pair of KEF LS50’s (you’ll remember them if you were there – they were the red ones that worked amazingly well in the small space available!) on Atacama stands, or through a pair of B&W 703 floor standers. Good sound demands that all the components in the signal chain, from the pickup or CD player through to the speakers work synergistically and in concert. Judging by the feedback, the sound certainly hit the sweet spot with many visitors returning for a second and even third listen!

We played  a selection of CD’s that included tracks from Bill Frisell’s ‘Beautiful Dreamers’, George Benson on ‘Absolute Benson’ while on the Michel Gyrodec, we spun some ‘Manhattan Transfer’, Sonny Rollins’ ‘Saxophone Colossus’ and  various other jazz and classical pieces.

All in all, a wonderful show and our thanks to Kris Sawicki and his team for making the event such a success and once again, thank you to our many visitors for stopping by to hear our products.