Posted on 11th June 2017. Categorised as News and Press Releases

11th June 2017

Richard Bowles, reviewing and writing for UK web based audiophile forum, HiFiWigwam, recently put Ovation High Fidelity’s Model 1501 Stereo Preamplifier and 1701 Power Amplifier through their paces. 

Model 1501 & Model 1701

Our ‘Engineered for Art’ guiding ethos and focus on designing and hand building products that produce wonderful, immersive listening experiences had Richard reaching for the superlatives. “Every note has enormous impact and clarity, despite sound pressure levels verging on the obscene. It feels effortless” he enthused, going on to the phono stage he remarked “The overwhelming impression is again a superb soundstage and an immediacy that has me on the edge of the seat.” You can read Richard’s full review here Model 1501 and 1701 Review on HiFiWigwam

All the company’s products are designed, engineered and hand assembled in the UK and feature a 5 year warranty. Ovation High Fidelity can be contacted on (Office) 01953 88 1023 (Mobile) 07496 230 414 or via email at [email protected]