Product Description - Model 1701

Ovation High Fidelity’s Model 1701 Current Mode Topology (CMT) Stereo Power Amplifier’s wide bandwidth design delivers superior imaging, exceptional transparent mid/high frequency sonics and deep, extended bass performance thanks to a very large, low noise power supply.

Compact, superbly engineered and like all Ovation High Fidelity products, built to last, the Model 1701 was described by Jon Myles of HiFi World as sounding ‘confident and authoritative’. He also noted the Model 1701 produced ‘more air and space and [Julie Cruise’s] vocals were deliciously rendered through the Quad Z3’s . . . ‘

Richard Bowles, reviewing for HiFiWigwam, enthused about the Model 1701 where he wrote ‘ . . . transients are rendered beautifully; every bass note is instant and clean’ going on to further remark ‘ . . . enormous impact and clarity, despite sound pressure levels verging on the obscene. It feels effortless. ‘

Considerable engineering effort, along with extensive listening tests and CAD optimization were employed in the design of this esoteric high-end power amplifier.

The Ovation High Fidelity Model 1701 Power Amplifier. Engineered for Art.

Product reviews

HiFi World review of the Model 1501 + Model 1701 by Jon Myles and Noel Keywood June 2017 issue

” . . . they quickly impressed with a confident, authoritative sound”

” . . . the Ovations were capable of providing a massive soundstage”

“Moving on to David Byrne and Brian Eno’s ‘My Life in the Bush of Ghosts’ with its complex rhythms and sampled vocals, detail was exceptionally good.”

” . . . the Ovation pre and power amp combination have the makings of something special.”

Richard Bowles, HiFiWigwam Review of the model 1501 + Model 1701 (June 2017)

“**** me this is good. All the transients are rendered beautifully; every bass note is instant and clean. ”

“There is an impression of a lightning-fast response from both the pre and power amps. Every note has enormous impact and clarity, despite sound pressure levels verging on the obscene. It feels effortless. ”

“Fast sounding with excellent transient response.”

“Lifelike presentation with superb detail.”

“Wide and deep soundstage.”

“The Ovation High Fidelity products are sonically extremely good. Percussion and brass have impact and a superb leading edge, and recovery from massive transients is seamless. An absolutely immersive sound that breathes life into recordings. ”

“The Ovations are more than good. A lifelike reproduction, combined with the capacity to deliver force and attack. Their ability to portray massive orchestral [music] is fabulous . . .”

You can read Richard Bowles full review here 

A compact 100 Watt per channel all-symmetrical CMT class AB power amplifier that features wide bandwidth, fast rise/fall times and a 500 Watt power supply, allowing it to drive any domestic speaker load up to its rated power. Short term loudspeaker current demands in excess of 20 A are easily supported by means of an output stage that employs 6 matched 250 Watt power transistors per channel and feature exceptional SOA (Safe Operating Area) capability. Careful attention to signal integrity requirements, amplifier and power supply design and PCB layout have resulted in very low distortion and noise.

The 500 Watt power transformer is custom wound in England and incorporates an inter-winding screen and a flux band to keep mains noise ingress and radiated EMI within the amplifier chassis to an absolute minimum. A 35 000 uF capacitor bank, rated at 15% above the highest expected mains voltage, provides large instantaneous energy reserves that underpin the dynamic performance of this amplifier.

Comprehensive non-intrusive protection circuitry monitors the amplifier for DC offsets and overcurrent situations, which if arising, will result in the speakers being instantly disconnected from the amplifier output. Connection between the amplifier output and the speaker terminals is by means of an innovative solid state relay using ultra-low Rds(on) ‘Trench’ technology MOFET’s with a 200 J energy handling capability. These devices operate at 5~10x the speed and 10x lower ON resistances of the conventional electro-magnetic relays (EMR) used by our competitors. Importantly, our solution suffers no wear out mechanism whatsoever compared to EMR’s. Further protection features include mains switch-on inrush current limiting and loudspeaker muting during power up and power down cycles.

The Model 1701 can accept balanced or single ended inputs which are selected via a push-button switch located on the rear of the unit.

To minimize 3rd harmonic magnetic induction distortion, the chassis is constructed out of aluminium which is of course non-magnetic, while for selected parts like air vents and mounting brackets, stainless steel is used. Connection to the speakers is via high quality WBT style shrouded connectors, that can simultaneously accept 4mm banana plugs and/or 6mm spade lugs.

Only the highest quality, highest performance components from the worlds foremost semiconductor and passive component suppliers are used in Ovation High Fidelity products.

See below for detailed product specifications.

Designed, engineered and hand built in England. 5-year warranty on parts and labour.



Inputs Balanced or single Ended - selected via push button on rear panel
Input Sensitivity for rated output 0.5 V into 10 k Ohms on balanced inputs; 1 V into 10 k Ohms for single ended inputs
Output power 100 W RMS into 8 Ohms 20 Hz to 20 kHz; 180 W into 4 Ohms 20 Hz to 20 kHz both channels driven
Peak Power Output Capability (Single Channel Driven) 450 Watts for 50 ms
Peak Current Output Capability (Both Channels Driven) >20 Amps for 20ms
Distortion < 0.002% 20 Hz to 20 kHz 1 W into 8 Ohms; <0.01% 20 Hz to 20 kHz 100 W into 8 Ohms
Signal to Noise Ratio Better than -93 dB ref 1V output; ~110 dB ref max output voltage
Frequency Response 1W into 8 Ohms 20 Hz - 20 kHz +0 dB -0.1dB; 2 Hz - 250 kHz +0 dB -3 dB
Damping Factor approx. 200 at 1kHz into 8 Ohms
Slew Rate (10% to 90%) both postive and negative 140 V/us into 8 Ohm resistive load
Speaker Connectors One set per channel; WBT Style shrouded type accepting standard 4mm banana plug and/or 6mm spade connector
Rise/Fall Time 10-90% Small signal: < 100ns; large signal ~700nS
Power consumption 500 Watts maximum
Weight 15 kgs unit only; 20 kgs including packaging
Dimensions 450mm wide x 350mm deep x 110mm high
Warranty 5 years parts and labour from date of purchase; Terms and conditions apply - see user manual for details, or click on 'Commercial' at the foot of this page for details

Ovation High Fidelity. Audio Equipment Engineered for Art.