Product Description - Model 1707 - Integrated Amplifier

The Model 1707 Stereo Integrated Amplifier features a beautiful, understated  form follows function aesthetic combined with stunning sonics that will provide years of musical enjoyment. A 110 Watt per channel output means it will drive any domestic loudspeaker to concert hall sound levels with a big, open, transparent sound providing you with a front row seat listening experience.

Four  line inputs (CD, Tuner, Music Server/DAC and Auxiliary) along with a very high performance MM phono stage come as standard, while a pre out facility allows an additional power amplifier or  a powered sub bass to be connected to your system. For late night listening convenience, a standard 6.35mm headphone jack, is located on the unit’s front panel.

A remote control with a simple, intuitive user interface, allows you to control your system from the comfort of your favourite armchair.

Superbly engineered and like all Ovation High Fidelity products, built to last, the Model 1707 incorporates our latest design breakthroughs to deliver unmatched imaging, clarity, convenience and sheer musical excitement.

Considerable engineering effort, along with extensive listening tests using a variety of high end speaker systems from B&W, Graham Audio, KEF and Monitor Audio along with suitable analog and digital source equipment were employed in the voicing and review phases of the Model 1707 design process.  All our products also make extensive use of CAD/CAM during circuit design and mechanical implementation phases.

The Ovation High Fidelity Model 1701 Power Amplifier. Engineered for Art.


The Model 1707 integrates a 110 Watt RMS (8 Ohms) per channel all-symmetrical CMT class AB integrated amplifier with a very low noise preamplifier catering for 4 line inputs (2 off 300mV and 2 off 2V) in addition to a 3mV sensitivity MM phono stage.  The  phono stage includes a rumble filter which sharply attenuates unwanted sub-sonic (i.e. below 20 Hz) frequencies which typically arise from warped or off-centre records.  A pre-out facility taken after the volume control allows a second amplifier or a sub-bass to be connected to the Model 1707.

The amplifier features wide bandwidth, fast rise/fall times and a 500 Watt low noise power supply, allowing it to drive any domestic speaker load up to its rated power.

Borrowing technology from our  top of the range Model 1501 Preamplifier,  all input selection on the Model 1707 is accomplished using high performance hermetically sealed relays which prevents contact contamination and ensures reliable operation.

The amplifier can deliver short term loudspeaker current demands in excess of 20 A per channel and boasts an output stage that employs 6 matched 250 Watt power transistors per channel which feature exceptional SOA (Safe Operating Area) capability, enabling it to drive difficult speaker loads with ease.

Careful attention to signal integrity requirements, preamplifier and power supply design and PCB layout have resulted in very low, class leading, distortion and noise levels approaching -110dB ref 1V output (standard 2V line inputs), while the low noise MM phono stage S/N ratio exceeds 74 dB (ref 5mV input) at 1V output.

The 500 Watt power transformer is custom wound in England and incorporates an inter-winding screen and a flux band to keep mains noise ingress and radiated EMI within the amplifier chassis to an absolute minimum.

The Model 1707 features IR remote control of power standby, input select, volume and mute functions. On the front panel, power On/Off is accomplished by momentarily depressing the input select rotary dial and speaker mute by depressing and then releasing the volume control dial.

Comprehensive non-intrusive protection circuitry monitors the Model 1707 integrated amplifier for DC offsets and overcurrent situations, which if arising, will result in the speakers being instantly disconnected from the amplifier output. Connection between the amplifier output and the speaker terminals is by means of an innovative solid state relay using ultra-low Rds(on) ‘Trench’ technology MOFET’s with a 200 mJ energy handling capability. These devices operate at 5~10x the speed and 10x lower ON resistances of the conventional electro-magnetic relays (EMR) used by our competitors. Importantly, our solution suffers no wear out mechanism whatsoever compared to EMR’s. Further protection features include mains switch-on inrush current limiting and loudspeaker muting during power up and power down cycles, ensuring the Model 1707 powers up and down without any annoying clicks or pops.

To minimize 3rd harmonic magnetic induction distortion, the chassis is constructed out of aluminium which is of course non-magnetic, while for selected parts like air vents and mounting brackets, stainless steel is used. Connection to the speakers is via high quality WBT style shrouded connectors, that can simultaneously accept 4mm banana plugs and/or 6mm spade lugs.

Only the highest quality, highest performance components from the world’s foremost semiconductor and passive component suppliers are used in Ovation High Fidelity products.

See below for detailed product specifications.

Designed, engineered and hand built in England. 5-year warranty on parts and labour.



Inputs (See Phono below for specific phono specifications) CD, Music Server/DAC (2V input Sensitivity); Tuner and Auxiliary (300 mV Sensitivity); Input impedance 10k Ohms
Preamplifier Section Gain - Line Input to Pre-out for 1V Output Into 10 k Ohms (Max Volume Setting) +12 dB (4x) for Tuner and Aux; -6 dB for CD and Music Server/DAC
Pre Out Output Impedance 220 Ohms
Output power (1 kHz) - Both Channels Driven in 8 and 4 Ohms Specification 110 Watts RMS per channel into 8 Ohms; 180 Watts RMS per channel into 4 Ohms; 330 Watts into 2 Ohms single channel driven
Peak Output Current - Both Channels Driven Simultaneously > 20 Amps for 50 ms
Peak I^2.R Output Power Both Channels Driven t =< 50 ms 600 Watts per channel
Frequency Response - From Line Inputs to Speaker Output 1W RMS into 8 Ohms 3 Hz to 200 kHz -3dB; 20 Hz to 20 kHz +0 dB -0.1 dB
Distortion at Rated Power - Line Inputs at 1 kHz 0.005% typical at 100 W into 8 Ohms; 0.01% at 180 W into 4 Ohms; <0.001% at 1 W into 8 Ohms
Signal to Noise Ratio - Line inputs - 1 W into 8 Ohms > 100 dB; typically 110 dB
Slew Rate - Power Amplifier Section 140 V/us; the amplifier is non-slewing. This is the maximum rate of change measured at the output
Output Damping Factor Into 8 Ohms 500
Headphone Output Standard 6.35 mm diameter stereo Jack located on front Panel
Speaker Connectors One set per channel; WBT style shrouded type accepting standard 4mm banana socket or 6mm spade connector
Power Consumption 500 Watts maximum continuous; < 3W in standby mode
Power Supply Voltage 220 VAC or 110 VAC - factory set at time of order; other supply voltages avaible on request
Dimensions 450mm wide x 95mm high x 370mm deep (includes rear panel connector and front panel dial protrusion)
Weight 15 kgs; approx 20 kgs including packaging
Remote Remote Control Functions Standby On/Off, Volume Up/Down, Input Select, Mute; uses 2 x AAA batteries
Warranty 5 years on parts and labour from date of purchase. Terms and conditions apply - see link at foot of page for details
Moving Magnet Phono EQ Amplifier - Specifications _
Input sensitivity/Load Impedance 3mV/ 47k
RIAA Conformance Typically better than 0.2dB 20 Hz to 20 KHz; 0.4 dB Maximum
RIAA Frequency Response -3dB 8 Hz to 55 kHz
Rumble Filter -0.2 dB at 20 Hz; -16 dB at 2 Hz
RIAA Overloadd ref 3mV input and output measured at pre-out > 32 dB 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio >80 dB inputs shorted 'A' weighted; 74 dB with Ortofon RED Cartridge at 1kHz; Better than 79 dB 'A' Weighted
Phono EQ Distortion Typically 0.003% at 1kHz
Phono Stage Gain 34 dB ( = 50x) at 1 kHz

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