Model 1721

240 Watt Per Channel CMT Stereo Power Amplifier

Ultra low parts per million distortion levels allied to high power capability and very wide response bandwidths result in a superlative listening experience - fast, transparent, accurate and supremely musical, the Model 1721 is designed and built for music lovers who demand the ultimate performance from their high end system.

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Model 1701

100 Watt Per Channel CMT Stereo Power Amplifier

Svelte and compact, the Model 1701 Audio Power Amplifier is engineered with the dedicated audiophile in mind, setting new performance standards in terms of resolution, dynamics, imaging and sheer audio excitement.

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Model 1501

High Resolution Stereo Preamplifier with MM Phono and Headphone Amp

Visually understated and minimalist, the Model 1501 Preamplifier will comfortably hold its own in any audio system and at any performance level. Superb stereo imaging, fatigue free sonics along with ultra-low noise and industry leading parts-per-million distortion levels bring the ultimate in listening pleasure and convenience to any high end audio system.

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Model 1547

High Performance Stand-alone MC/MM Phono EQ Amplifier

The ultimate phono EQ amplifier, the Model 1547 is the perfect partner for your vinyl front end. Simple, understated and featuring superb performance, it captures the magic of the LP like no other.

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Model 1707 110 Watt Integrated Amplifier

110 Watt per Channel Integrated Stereo Amplifier featuring 4 line inputs and a MM phono stage

The Model 1707 marries a high performance 110 Watt per channel (8 Ohms) power amplifier capable of driving any domestic loudspeaker system to a first class preamplifier front-end featuring 4 line inputs and an MM phono EQ stage to deliver a beautifully styled solution for music lovers wanting a simple, compact, form follows function aesthetic with the big, precise sound of a high-end separates system.

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